for buyers from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia!

DON’T PAY SO MUCH DUTY, TAXES AND BRIBES for the goods you won’t sell!


You just bought a TIR loaded with second hand clothers? Great!!! But you also paid for 300 kg of plastic foil, books, hay, irons, horseshoes, electrical chainsaws, a horse, courtains and more. Now you will also pay the duty, VAT and etc. If you are from Ukraine it will cost you at least 0.56 USD/kg!!! You will also pay your accountant and the tax for taking this worthless merchandise off your stock and books!


Visit us or send your manager together with your merchandise, you will get 2000 square meters of heated storehouse, qualified staff, forklift trucks and other equipment at your disposal.

The office, Internet, a high standard hotel room within the same premises. Monitoring, security guards, a camera system recording everything around your merchandise, inside and outside of the storehouse.

You will choose only the things you need – throw away all the garbage, bricks, books, courtains etc.

You will only pay 0.10 EUR/kg for sorting.

Transport fee Warsaw-Lviv is 0,07-0,10$/kg. If you’re going to Kiev or further it’s much more expensive.

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